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Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is a renowned wildlife sanctuary located in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, approximately 160 kilometers northwest of Nairobi. It’s one of the country’s most iconic parks, known for its stunning landscapes and rich biodiversity. The park was established in 1961 and covers an area of about 188 square kilometers, with Lake Nakuru as its centerpiece.

Wildlife Viewing

Lake Nakuru is famous for its diverse and abundant wildlife. The park is a sanctuary for both black and white rhinoceros and offers a chance to see these endangered creatures up close. In addition to rhinos, the park is home to lions, leopards, buffalo, giraffes, zebras, waterbucks, and various antelope species. You can also spot tree-climbing lions in this park, a behavior not commonly seen in other regions.


Lake Nakuru is often called the “Birdwatcher’s Paradise” due to its vast population of birds. The lake is a key habitat for millions of flamingos, which create a breathtaking pink hue across the waters. Over 450 bird species can be observed in the park, including pelicans, cormorants, eagles, and more. The best time for birdwatching is during the flamingo migration season.

Game Drives

Exploring the park on a game drive is a popular way to experience the diverse wildlife and landscapes. You can hire a guide or use your own vehicle to navigate the park’s well-maintained roads. Sunrise and sunset drives offer the best opportunities for animal sightings and photography.


There are designated picnic spots within the park where you can relax and enjoy a meal while taking in the scenic beauty and wildlife. These areas are often strategically placed to offer excellent views of the lake and surrounding landscapes.

Hiking and Nature Walks

Some areas of the park are suitable for hiking and nature walks, especially around the viewpoints and cliffs that offer spectacular panoramas of Lake Nakuru and its surroundings. These walks are a great way to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility of the park.

Makalia Falls

A visit to Makalia Falls, situated within the park, allows you to witness a beautiful waterfall and enjoy a bit of adventure. It’s a great place for a short trek and some relaxation in the midst of nature.

Rhino Sanctuary

The park includes a rhino sanctuary, where conservation efforts are focused on the protection and breeding of rhinoceros species. Visiting the sanctuary offers an opportunity to learn more about these magnificent creatures and the conservation work being done to save them.


Lake Nakuru National Park provides stunning photo opportunities with its picturesque landscapes and diverse wildlife. Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, you’ll find plenty of subjects to capture in this park.

Remember to respect the park’s rules and regulations to preserve its natural beauty and protect its inhabitants. Lake Nakuru National Park is a true gem, offering visitors a memorable and enriching safari experience in the heart of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.

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